Planting 30 billion trees per year

To capture CO2 in the trunks and return to 350 ppm of this greenhouse gas free in the atmosphere


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We lose about 15 billion trees per year, between indiscriminate logging and forest fires. To recover the forests globally, we must aim to plant twice a year: 30 billion trees. This will allow to capture CO2 in the trunks and later to bury them to return to the 350 ppm of this greenhouse gas and return to the climatic stability world-wide. This site has been created to raise global awareness of the goal that Humanity must pursue to combat Global Warming. We are just starting our organization so that the donations are made entirely to “”.

According to the journal Nature there are 3 trillion trees on the planet. On average there are 422 trees per human being. Before the industrial age there were 6 billion trees. Now half is left.

Planting a tree costs between 30 cents to 1 dollar. So for the goal we need a Green Fund of 30 billion dollars per year. We must be aware of the urgent need for this investment in favor of life to Save the Planet, all Island Nations and coastal cities of the global flood due to the melting of both poles that is already accelerating.

Translated the Green Fund to the annual contribution per inhabitant of the Earth is equivalent to approximately US $ 4.30, and per month to US $ 0.36. With this effort we Save the Planet.


“I know of the seriousness of AEON in environmental matters and that is why I select it to be the leading multinational to carry out the task of global reforestation.
The idea starts from a real need to stop global warming and return to 350 ppm of free CO2 in the atmosphere and return to global climate normalcy.
I trust you do not underestimate the importance of the project and its seriousness. I am calling on all people, companies and governments of goodwill to participate and help in this mission of Saving the Planet”.


The other point on which we wish to raise awareness is about fusion reactors. We spent more than $ 200 billion on the space station. And we do not repeat the same thing to invest in the generation of this new source of energy to replace the energy matrix in all the thermoelectric plants and stop contaminating. Also the decision to switch to electric cars and hydrogen is only political. The technology is ready for mass production.


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Plant for the Planet

The children of Plant-for-the-Planet have set themselves the goal of, until 2020, together with companies, states and organizations, to plant billions of trees around the world.

Trees are the only extremely inexpensive and easily incremental store of CO2. Scientists at Oxford University have recognized that planting trees is the best method to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and counteract global warming. Trees are simple to plant, remove CO2 from the atmosphere accumulated over the years and absorb it over a long period. On average, we calculate an absorption of 10 kg of CO2 per tree per year. In the tropics this value is much higher.

Trees regulate rainfall and form part of the water cycle. In a few days, a large tree can absorb 370 liters of ground water and release them into the atmosphere. In addition, the leaves of the trees collect the water in the form of raindrops. Then, this water evaporates and causes, through the formation of clouds, precipitation elsewhere. This process is called evapotranspiration. Evapotranspiration causes on average 40% of the rainfall.

Trees cool the Earth by contributing to the formation of clouds. Forests promote, through the distribution of isoprene, a particular hydrocarbon, the formation of special clouds that cool the Earth. Cooling is produced by the so-called albedo effect. Albedo is called the property of surfaces that reflect solar radiation. Clouds constitute such reflective layer. If we could also contribute through global reforestation to reflect greater solar radiation towards the universe, we would counteract the current climate crisis.

The trees clean the air. Trees absorb not only CO2 and other greenhouse gases such as carbon monoxide or sulfur dioxide, but also emit valuable oxygen. A single tree can absorb up to 5 kg of air pollutants per year and produce, in the same space of time, up to 130 kg of oxygen.

With a billion new trees, we will be able to store more than a quarter of the world's current CO2 emissions and gain valuable time to achieve the two degrees Celsius target. If you want to know more about how beneficial the trees are, you can find various studies and publications in the following link.

From this blog we want to help the new generation, the children who plant trees to save the planet, asking everyone to become aware that we must all work together and reach the goal of planting 30 billion trees per year to reach recover forests and return to normal climate